Consistently delivering high quality products is part of our philosophy. Through years of experience and the use of high technology our customers can be sure that they will receive high quality products. A selection of our assortment can be found in the categories below:

Rubber molding

We offer various Rubber molding solutions, depending on the needs of the customer. 
Polynet offers a one-stop rubber molding solution, with expertise in mold production, compound development and quality checks that follow international standards. With many years of experience in rubber molding, we have become a trusted supplier of many global brands. Some of our parts are used in cars of Honda, Ford and Toyota.

Rubber molding

Polynet offers various Precision-Engineered molding solutions that produce plastic parts and components for many different industries. State of the art injection molding machines are able to produce plastic Parts accurately, delivering constant quality while keeping costs down by our semi-automated production process.

Rubber compounding

We produce outstanding compounds for various applications from our selection of more than 500 formulations. We can provide black or colored compounds; customized formulations can be developed on request.
Depending on the customer's requirement, rubber compounds can be supplied in various forms such as strips, sheets, rolls, etc. Let us know your needs and we'd be happy to serve you.


A wide range of automotive parts produced with state of the art machinery
Medical grade plastic & silicone parts for the healthcare industry.
High-quality plastic precision parts produced for various industries
Rubber sheeting
Quality custom rubber sheets with properties that match your requirements
Home Appliance
Rubber, plastic and silicone parts for household technology
Rubber compounding
Custom rubber compounds from more than 500 different recipes.
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